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Customize to your heart’s content. Personalize with your own music, pictures and videos. Spread more love this Valentine's Day! 

Choose from a variety of formats and designs for Valentine’s day.
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Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

Show your loved ones how much you care this Valentine’s Day with special greeting cards, slideshows, invitations and collages that are full of joy, appreciation and celebration. Bring your favorite photos and messages to new life with lively animation, perfect music and your own heartfelt words.

Create a beautiful and heartfelt greeting card for your partner, tell your love story through photos with a slideshow or collage, or create an invitation for a Valentines singles party for you and your girlfriends. Make your loved one’s day brighter in the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Personalization--with your chosen soundtrack, sentiment, creative touches and more--takes just minutes.

It’s easy to create your own Valentine’s Day style, from whimsical and quirky to traditional and vintage. Make the style your own with humor and sarcasm in our funny Valentine’s Day collection. Our diverse variety of formats, themes and styles includes thousands of collages, invitations, cards, slideshows, and more.

Include as many photos as you wish, from one or none in a simply stunning greeting, to dozens of photos for your own love story. Sharing your creation is easy. Send to anyone with an email address, post to Facebook, create a DVD and photo frame gifts and more.

Share your Valentine’s Day message in whatever way works for you and your recipient. You can send to anyone with an email address--they don't need to be a Smilebox member. Use our Scheduled Send feature to ensure on-time delivery, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with someone you care about. You can also post to Facebook, create keepsake DVDs, save to a photo frame, or print at home.

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  • "The seasonal and holiday designs are amazingly pretty. Try it!" Diane P.
  • "Almost addicting it's so much fun!" Linda B.
  • "Great product! Easy to use and worth the subscription!" Julie B.
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